About Us

The principles of diversity and intersectionality as a practice can result in vibrant, authentic and long lasting impact. It is in within this practice that De’Ara and Meredith came to be colleagues, co-conspirators and friends during Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign.

Coming from different backgrounds personally and professionally but in the work to elect the first woman President of the United States, they found more commonality in values and the culture of kindness and understanding – and quite frankly, in the desire to win.

Together they managed Secretary Clinton and President Clinton’s relationships with longtime friends and family and cultivated new relationships with creatives and influencers to amplify Hillary’s platform. Each day brought a set of new challenges that De’Ara and Meredith turned into opportunities.

The strategy and savvy behind the execution of these opportunities comes from the diverse work experience that De’Ara and Meredith bring to bear.

De’Ara and Meredith and their team are a Canopy for any organization, movement or individual that seeks to do more than speak the language of diversity, intersectionality and social impact – but to actually live it, to operate within in it, and to move culture because of it.




De’Ara Balenger, a creative, convener and lawyer, has spent nearly a decade in public service. She has a unique instinct for the care of people and a talent for making strategic connections.




Meredith Shepherd, a former CHRO and executive coach , has spent her career supercharging organizations with human-centric strategies. Theres is no one better at operationalizing a mission with purpose,  thoughtfulness and performance.